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  • March 30, 2017
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Easier than ever!

Many adults and teenagers are eager to achieve beautiful smiles without wearing braces.

• Most cases finish in 5 months.

• Ideal for any anterior case requiring minor to moderate corrections and orthodontic relapse.

• Impressions to aligners in just 3-4 weeks

Fast and Easy

• You can start treatment 3-4 weeks after taking an impression.

• Most cases are completed in 5 months.

• Wear each of 5 trays for only 3-4 weeks.

Very Convenient

• Virtually invisible; you can confidentally work, exercise, and socialize while wearing your Simpli 5 aligners.

• Remove your aligners at meal time and for dental hygiene.

• We works for patients needing both dual arch or only one arch.

Comfortable and Pain free

• Minimal discomfort.

• There is minimal to no speech interference.

• The unique flexible duraclear material allows for gentle, consistent movement

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