Bleeding through gums mainly occurs as a result of plaque deposition on your teeth surfaces at the tooth-gum junction. This leads to a condition called gingivitis. Other contributing factors are – improper brushing, hormonal changes, bleeding disorders, pregnancy, ill fitting dentures, scurvy etc.
Treatment involves: removal of irritants (Plaque & Calculus), scaling(prophylaxis), gum massage.

Halitosis or bad breath is an unpleasant odour present in exhaled breath.
It may occur due to –
Local Factors: Plaque, tooth decay, coating over tongue surface, smoking, dry mouth or gum problems, eating food like onions, garlic, radish, cabbage etc .
Systemic Factors: sinusitis, common cold, tonsillar infections, lung infections, acidity.
Treatment includes: Removal of plaque deposits, filling the decayed tooth, maintaining oral hygiene, cleaning tongue surface, chewing gum, rinsing before bedtime .

Mobile teeth may occur as a result of gum & periodontal infections, trauma, abscess.
Treatment plan varies as per the etiologic factors:

  1. For trauma – Splinting is done to stabilize the moving teeth.
  2. Periodontal Problems – Extraction of badly damaged teeth, Deep root cleaning and Periodontal flap surgery, Periodontal therapy with bone grafting procedures.
  3. Abscess – Pus drainage.

Bone grafting procedures mainly help to regenerate the bone and tissue lost due to periodontitis. Bone graft can be natural or synthetic. The procedure of bone grafting is called GUIDED TISSUE REGENERATION where we surgically place the graft in the area of bone loss which helps in promoting bone growth.

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