Most conventionally used Fixed Treatment Appliance all over the world since centuries to correct malaligned teeth.
Advantages: Affordable and all types of malocclusions can be corrected.
Ceramic braces are a good alternative to metal braces as they are tooth colored. They are more superior in appearance and less noticeable.
Clearpath or Invisible aligners are removable orthodontic appliances that helps in aligning the malpositioned teeth. These appliances are custom made i.e. as per individual patient. Advantages: totally invisible as compared to conventional braces;
Highly adaptable and comfortable; clear predictable results can be seen even before the beginning of the treatment; can be removed at the time of eating, drinking and brushing.

Primary or milk teeth in children acts as a guide for the permanent teeth in their erupting process. If the tooth is lost at an early stage, it causes tilting or drifting of neighbouring teeth in the space created by the lost tooth. So, there will not be enough space for the permanent teeth to erupt in its correct position. This may lead to malalignment of the future permanent teeth.
Therefore, in order to prevent future malocclusion space maintainers are used. Space maintainers are the appliances that helps in maintaining the space created by lost tooth. These are appliances made up of acrylic or stainless steel and are of two types REMOVABLE and FIXED(cemented onto the tooth).

Treatment of thumb sucking habit
Young children between 2-4yrs of age sucking thumb or pacifiers has no harm on their teeth. But it is a matter of concern if it goes beyond 6-8yrs. Thumb sucking affect the shape of the dental arch, teeth alignment etc. Apart from these, there is increased risk of infection due to keeping thumb covered with bacteria in the mouth repeatedly.
Treatment mainly involves application of bitter substances on the thumb so as to prevent sucking and use of appliances.
Treatment of tongue thrusting:
Tongue thrusting in children upto 6 months of age is normal and therefore is also called immature swallow. Afterwards, it is replaced by normal swallowing pattern.
Tongue thrust is basically a muscular imbalance where the tongue protrudes through the front teeth due to which it applies a constant pressure causing malalignment of teeth and upper lip as well.

Treatment includes –
a. Myofunctional Therapy to promote normal swallowing pattern.
b. Use of appliances like palatal crib.

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