Early Orthodontic Treatment

March 30, 2017 by niranjan0

Indications Objectives of early Class III treatment may include  preventing progressive hard or soft tissue damage, such as enamel abrasion and bony or gingival dehiscence; improving skeletal discrepancies and possibly avoiding orthognathic surgery;  improving occlusal function;developing arch length; and  improving dental and facial esthetics.17 Common conditions warranting early treatment are anterior or posterior crossbites with or without functional shifts and blocked-out maxillary lateral incisors.

Favorable factors for successful early treatment include mild to moderate skeletal disharmony, no familial mandibular prognathism, a convergent facial type, symmetric condylar growth, and expected good cooperation. Patients and parents should be informed that unpredictable dysplastic skeletal growth in the future may necessitate orthognathic surgery despite early intervention.

The authors found low-level evidence, and no statistical methods were employed for the analysis. They stated that higher-level studies are necessary before definitive conclusions can be made.

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