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  • March 30, 2017
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Varieties of Implant and their Prognoses

A significant number of manufacturing companies produce significant variety of implants. According to a
systematic review that evaluated clinical results of various types of implants, some research shows that
the marginal bone loss associated with the cylindrical IMZ Implant is greater than that of the Brånemark
System or the Straumann ITI. Concerning implants with smooth surfaces (machined surface), the risk of
peri-implantitis is 22% lower than implants with rough surfaces. There have not yet been any specific
implants with which its excellence proven over a long duration of time, or confirm that the failure to
concentrates in a given type of implant.

This review was based on the results of a few randomized clinical trials, the number of people who took
part in these studies was limited, and the assessment period were short, therefore, the results carry the
risk of being biased. In order to draw accurate conclusions, a set of randomized clinical trials performed
for a longer period are thus necessary, conducted in a sufficient number of patients to gain significance43).
Surveying these articles that describe implant prognosis, it becomes clear that most of the authors of
these papers are from university hospitals or from well-equipped institutions, where the pre-operative
examination and diagnosis can be presumed to be conducted under the supervision of experienced
surgeons. Therefore, it is not rational to directly apply the results of these studies to those of general
11 practitioners, and equal success in treatment should not be expected.

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