Some children have anatomically deep grooves and fissures which makes them more susceptible towards caries. Therefore, in order to prevent future decay/caries, we do prophylactic fillings with pit and fissure sealants. These materials fills off the deep gooves, thereby preventing the occurrence of caries in children.

It’s a precautionary measure to prevent caries in children. In this we deliver fluoride to the teeth to make them resistant to decay. Fluoride helps in remineralization of the teeth at early stages of cavities, by controlling the rate of progressing decay. So, repeated application of fluoride is necessary for its effective function.
It is available as gels, varnishes, toothpastes and mouthrinses.

It’s a very common bacterial infection. These are severe decay in the teeth of young children who have been exposed to liquids having sugars for long periods of time.
The problem mainly occurs when baby falling asleep while nursing a bottle. So, when the child is in sleep a pool of liquid is around his/her teeth and the bacteria present in mouth turn these sugars into acids that cause tooth decay.

Main sources of high sugar content liquids are – breast milk, bottle containing milk/juices, pacifiers with honey.

Young children between 2-4yrs of age sucking thumb or pacifiers has no harm on their teeth. But it is a matter of concern if it goes beyond 6-8yrs. Thumb sucking affect the shape of the dental arch, teeth alignment etc. Apart from these, there is increased risk of infection due to keeping thumb covered with bacteria in the mouth repeatedly.
Treatment mainly involves application of bitter substances on the thumb so as to prevent sucking and use of appliances.

Tongue thrusting in children upto 6 months of age is normal and therefore is also called immature swallow. Afterwards, it is replaced by normal swallowing pattern.
Tongue thrust is basically a muscular imbalance where the tongue protrudes through the front teeth due to which it applies a constant pressure causing malalignment of teeth and upper lip as well.
Treatment includes –

  1. Myofunctional Therapy to promote normal swallowing pattern.
  2. Use of appliances like palatal crib.

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